Work Package Structure​

The work packages in this project are directly related to the objectives:

Work Package 1: Design and control of grid-forming offshore wind farm

To develop grid-forming wind turbines that have the capability of forming the offshore grid with a seamless interface with the HVDC Diode Rectifier Unit (DRU). These wind turbines must be able to perform the black start of the system.

The leader of Work Package 1 is GE Renewables.

Work Package 2: Design and control of solid-state transformer for electrolysis

To develop the power-electronic converter interface of the electrolysers. This converter will be an AC-to-DC Solid State Transformer (SST) solution that will be compared with state-of-the-art technologies.

The leader of Work Package 2 is TU Delft.

Work Package 3: System integration of multi-terminal hybrid HVDC technology

To develop a hybrid multi-terminal HVDC transmission system; hybrid due to having one LCC-based end and one VSC-based end; and multi-terminal due to its capability of separately connecting to the power grid and/or to the electrolysis plant.

The leader of Work Package 3 is Shell.

Work Package 4: Flexible design and operation of offshore wind–hydrogen plant module

To develop an energy management system in order to allow integration with the existing electric infrastructure and hydrogen infrastructure. This Work Package leads with the optimal design and operation of the system, taking into account both electric energy and hydrogen markets.

The leader of Work Package 4 is TNO.

Work Package 5: MV-kW technology demonstration

To develop an MV-kW level demonstrator capable of showing the integration of all the components and enhancing the TRL level of the proposed solutions.

The leader of Work Package 5 is Shell or TU/e.

Work Package 6: Dissemination

This Work Package addresses the dissemination of information in the project: internal dissemination to ensure coordination and up-to-date work across the project partners; and external dissemination to the general society (with technical and non-technical background).

The leader of Work Package 6 is Shell.